Full of Fail – 2012 in Review



2012 turned out to be a very difficult year, particularly in the area of my health. I was on a medical leave for 3 months and still find it nearly impossible to work a 40 hour week, which has subsequently affected every area of my life.


Adopt a healthier lifestyle through better food choices and exercise. Fail. I’ve made efforts to eat better, but haven’t been consistent. I have not exercised at all, beyond getting out to walk occasionally.

Lose 50# with the help of Weight Watchers online tools and possibly meetings. Fail. I only lost 5#.

Continue to work with health professionals to develop a management plan for my fibromyalgia. Pass. I still do not know what is going on beyond fibromyalgia, but the list of things I don’t have keeps growing so that’s a start, I guess.


Pay off $12K of credit card debt while not incurring any additional debt (with the possible exception of a used car loan if one of our 1997 or 2000 model year vehicles dies a terrible death). Pass/Fail. I cashed out two of my retirement accounts to pay off our credit card debt, when I thought I wasn’t returning to my job. We also replaced our 1997 Acura CL and now have a car payment.

Contribute 6% to my company’s 401K (from 0%) and have husband increase his contribution from 3 to 6%. Pass. I’ve increased my contribution to 7%.

Pay cash for a trip to Portland in April and Fincon 2012 in the Fall and start saving for my sister’s destination wedding in Winter 2013. NA. We did not travel to Portland or Denver & doubt the destination wedding will be held next month since nothing is booked.

Donate to worthy charities. Pass. I did the majority of my giving on MN Give to the Max Day.

Start to earn a passive income from blogging by the end of the year. Pass. I’ve earned less than $1.


Blog 3 times a week minimum. Fail. Once again, I failed at consistency.

Learn WordPress. Fail (?) I decided to pay someone to redesign my site.

Read 12 or more books on personal finances, leadership, blogging and WordPress. Fail. My reading selections were limited to mysteries.

Attend Fincon 2012. Fail. My husband got laid off the week before Fincon, so we just couldn’t justify attending.

Life is a journey and is why I will attempt to achieve more goals in 2013. Check back in tomorrow.



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  1. Sorry it's been such a tough year for you. It was challenging for me as well but I refuse to look at it negatively or as something I failed at. Every moment is one you can hopefully grow from. I hope you can get your health under control and I wish you the best of luck for 2013!